REPORT: Regenerative Capitalism

One thought on “REPORT: Regenerative Capitalism”

  1. I salute the comprehensive (100+ page) article provided by John Fullerton on Regenerative Capitalism. His eight principles are an especially powerful application of systems thinking to our economy. They place it within the context of society and the environment, and create aspirational goals for us to strive for. It is encouraging to hear a leader from the financial sector take this approach.

    In my own words, John urges us to reconnect with what matters most in the long run: survival of the species and the health of our planet. We can’t continue to let greed, amassed as wealth and power in the hands of a few, rob us of a fulfilling present or a viable future.

    John’s article stops short of making specific change recommendations. He praises numerous initiatives that are consistent with regenerative capitalism. But what do we do about the vast array of business practices that are non-regenerative? As John acknowledges, change entails “carrots, sticks, and maybe even a few clubs.” But he stops short of proposing specific incentives or penalties to reverse the tremendous momentum behind today’s capitalism.

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