Corporate America’s Plan to ‘Misbehave Without Reproach

One thought on “Corporate America’s Plan to ‘Misbehave Without Reproach”

  1. As a retired military individual who grew up middle class has found life incredibly difficult since military retirement 10 yrs ago. I do realize the American govt has been fucking us the people since Reagan. Our press has been corportized, our decent jobs gone, and almost everybody I know is working poor or worse. Over 500 homeless vets found in Riverside county California, and not one story about it. That is not counting every one else on the street.
    I am totally dismayed at our govt and the big money controlling the economic injustice occurring in our country and the world. An individual can feel helpless seeing our country being numbed by greed of the rich and powerful. Thanks for fighting the good fight. Rob Collette. Idaho, land of low wages, easy access to guns, and a right wing mentality controlling the masses.

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