Phil Kotler on the Relationship between Marketing and Capitalism

2 thoughts on “Phil Kotler on the Relationship between Marketing and Capitalism”

  1. Consumers’ or borrowers’ (as you smartly put it) credit worthiness is often rated by their history of debt redemption. Albeit being a proven credit default risk indicator this in itself is the root of irresponsible consumption. It will give the wrong signal if credit receivers who have never be in debt at all are rated worse than those with a long debt history…

    In more general terms, it is to be considered whether the concept of mainly rating economies by gross domestic product growth and companies by profitability growth respectively is out-dated on the pathway to a zero-marginal cost society.

  2. One word comes to mind. ….MATERIALISM. we live in a world that is driven” to aquire products whether we need them or not”. Another word would be “impulsiveness “. Definitely food for thought.

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