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  1. You can’t fix income equality by creating regulations: they will be ineffective either due to rule bending or have unintended consequences (e.g. Top talent leaves the U.S., which is even worse). You have to address the core of the issue, which has to do with both ethics (of top talent) and productivity of the average worker (i.e. the worker becomes more valuable/indispensable). You want to change it – create a company that empowers the average worker to excel, beat the less empowering competition, and share the value your company creates liberally with your employees. If enough people do this, then capitalism will cause the less competitive (in performance and employee pay) companies to join in or die. Anything less is telling others what to do with their money (that you didn’t earn), which isn’t honorable and often leads to bad outcomes. You want to make a difference, so do I. If you believe in income equality, then do it right, do it yourself and start a company that empowers and rewards employees liberally – anything less won’t have the consequence you intend. That is what I plan to do.

  2. There is only one way to fix this and that is to form a grass roots organization at the local and state level and go after constitutional amendments to fix this. (much more preferable than grabbing your guns and going to the steps of congress to force a change -and less bloody!)

  3. It’s not correct that not having but seeking work, by whatever definition you use, will get a person counted officially as unemployed. The other necessary element is that your status as seeking work must be REPORTED. People collecting unemployment compensation have to report that they are seeking work. This is the population normally reported in the statistics as unemployed. When people exhaust their unemployment benefits, they can continue to file for it and report seeking work, but this will not get them any money, and just use up State money to send them a form every 2 weeks (usually) telling them they’ve used up their benefits. Many people in this population just stop bothering to report, it not being worth any money. No one has yet provided an easy place for these people to report their status as involuntarily long-term unemployed and seeking work, and be officially counted as such. I see writers omit the reporting requirement all the time, and do sometimes comment publicly on it. I don’t see anyone having learned it yet. If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s no one around to hear it – no, it doesn’t make a sound, even though there is the movement of air caused by the fall.

  4. I agree that creating regulations may partially fix unemployment
    May be free start -up businesses from taxes for the first five years, lower taxes for business e.t.c will help to create some jobs
    But the biggest issue is: creating mass jobs that will make a real living
    In this scenario-
    Government must step
    Millions of jobs can be created by modernizing the communication systems, energy, roads, cites, bridges e.t.c
    Look at Detroit. It can be fixed and become a beautiful places to leave with jobs
    Just simply look at huge degradation in E. LA , Compton, Panorama city, Van Nuy’s, ohh there is much more, I don’t even know the names of those places. Start modernizing them- you will get millions of jobs
    Ugly, so side walks, poor public transportation, strange looking buildings like boxes with ugly signs, homeless, mentally ill people ( another growing issue!!! with potential job opportunities)…
    Yet, millions brochures for tourists advertise beautiful places around the world that don’t have that kind of ugliness…
    Why not create your own beauty?? This is just Los Angeles
    I can imagine how many of those falling a part palaces around US
    I don’t even want to drive there some times, only if I have to once a year or so..
    Yes, all that can be fixed
    Plus, of course illegals must leave America, because big part of degradation cause by their presence. Shut up. It’s true!
    I would also reform schools, by bringing back manors, culture, lessons of etiquette. You might be surprised, but inner human culture and low standards of living including unemployment are in correlation .
    With more manured people around America will be a SAFER
    When human surrounded buy nicer environment- behavior is changing
    This call for a little transformation of press, media and movie industry
    May be some will call it fantastic or impossible… but look!
    Many families refuse to have neurotic TV at home, place their children into private schools- just to avoid stress and ugly reality
    Does that mean to you that something wrong with reality?
    You can’t make money by just selling weapons to public
    This is another ugly side that is shooting here and there every day…
    Unless government steps in with money to be spend and major reforms in society – no jobs will be created. More damaged minds.
    Business will slowly shrink, die or transfer more production across the border….
    and then the process will get completely out of control
    Speculating on the word DEMOCRACY is not doing good any more
    DEMOCRACY for young people on their 30-s has became the meaning of homo “culture’, all kinds of transgender etc. No more meaning for the DEMOCRACY
    I understand , that by damming you down country it is easier to control population
    but by cultivating so many idiots will never rebuild empire- it will suck it deeper into bottomless pit
    Sorry for grammar.English is my second language

  5. I’ve heard it said that you can’t legislate morality, which is a moving target at best, but there seems to be a piece in these debates that goes missing: our individual roles. Our roles in creating and supporting this government and the companies that run it, our role every time we go to work and accept 80 cents on the dollar or keep our mouths shut when we don’t like what’s going on politically or otherwise at work because we need the job. It’s a microcosm/macrocosm thing, our jobs reflecting the bigger inequitable picture out there and our sense that there is nothing we can do about it.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

    I have also heard it said that unless you have an educated voting populace with access to a free press, you can’t consider your political system to be a Democracy. I very much appreciate Mark Blessington’s research into these “forbidden” topics and I mourn the fact that they are not what most of us hear. Gives me hope that one day these simple truths will be available to everyone. Perhaps my grandchildren will live in a democracy.

    1. Capitalism, yes

      Fair income distribution, yes

      How, minimum living income.

      Annuity established at birth

      Then let free enterprise work, govt. as referee

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